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diff --git a/src/blog-index.md b/src/blog-index.md @@ -1,12 +1,16 @@ # blogposts +- [Gentoo to Guix System | 02/24/2022](https://eonn.xyz/post/2022/02/24-gentoo-to-guix-system.html) + + Have I got the `guix` to `emerge` victorious? +<hr> - [Updates to The Website | 01/16/2022](https://eonn.xyz/post/2022/01/16-updates-to-the-website.html) - eonndev.com -> eonn.xyz ! + eonndev.com -> eonn.xyz ! <hr> - [You Can't Have Your Cake And Eat it Too With GNU/Linux Distributions | 08/20/2021](https://eonn.xyz/post/2021/08/20-you-cant-have-your-cake.html) - It just works! + It just works! <hr> - [Text Interfaces Are The Most User Friendly | 05/27/2021](https://eonn.xyz/post/2021/05/27-text-interfaces-are-the-most-user-friendly.html) diff --git a/src/post/2022/02/24-gentoo-to-guix-system.md b/src/post/2022/02/24-gentoo-to-guix-system.md @@ -0,0 +1,34 @@ +# Gentoo to Guix System +## 02/24/2022 + +Last December, I volunteered to help run the Free Software Foundation's table at (Ohio LinuxFest)[https://olfconference.org], and it was a great experience. +I met a lot of professionals and excellent people who shared some of my passions. +One thing I needed to do to be able to represent the FSF was to make sure any computer I was taking to the event was for the most part running Free Software- that is, that the laptop I brought with me was running a Free operating system. + +When I was asked whether I could do this, I remembered I was still using a nonfree kernel on my laptop (the internal wifi card depended on iwlwifi), and it was running Gentoo GNU/Linux, which isn't (FSF-endorsed)[https://www.gnu.org/distros/free-system-distribution-guidelines.html] because part of the project is maintaining nonfree software (packaging nonfree kernel bits, nonfree software packages etc). +I knew my laptop really only depended on a nonfree wifi-card driver from a nonfree blob, but the FSF was happy to mail me an adapter that was usable with linux-libre. +At this point, I installed (Guix System)[https://guix.gnu.org] on the free space on my drive, since I've heard good things about Guix's packaging philosophy. +I was already a fan of Portage, because of the responsible way build options can be automated and streamlined, so I was interested in how Guix differed. + +The first sign I was out of familiar water was the way Guix System handles what we would consider 'global configurations' like the contents of `fstab` or whatever system daemons we tell the init system to manage. +The best way I can describe the philosophy of Guix is "functional" - the goal state is that you can provide an input to produce its associated output. +When you use Guix System, you define your *system* in Scheme, and then `guix system` interprets the output and makes it to your spec. +That is, you don't change `fstab`, you tell Guix how `fstab` should be. +This is super cool, and it makes for reproducible systems, and easy rollbacks in case you make a breaking change. +Also, since the only requirement for your operating system spec is that it has to be a valid `operating-system` type declaration, you can use whatever tricks you want up your sleeve to define it. + +Traditionally for matters like this I usually either just remember how I had something set up and try my best to replicate it, or back-up the configurations themselves, although sometimes it can be dubious whether or not the package manager will manhandle my configurations if I tell it to do something. +For example, Portage would often see my changes to `inittab` as something that needs to be overwritten and prompt me to during `etc-update`. +With Guix, the state of `inittab` is defined when my operating system is generated, and it is immutable until I make a new `operating-system`. +System configuration is so consolidated now that I (just stick the whole thing on git for backup and tracking)[https://git.eonn.xyz/guix-config/log.html]. + +Package management with Guix has the same type of philosophy, since `guix system`, is just part of Guix. +Packages are also defined functionally with the effect that if I hand you a definition for some package, you will be able to replicate it bit-for-bit. +If sources are referenced with Git, you can cite the commit hash and give a checksum to ensure that you are using the exact same codebase that I am. +I've found writing packages to be very easy and straightforward, despite my lacking sense for Scheme. + +Guix also has other nuances that win me over, like profiles and its extreme flexibility by design. +I ended up using it full-time instead of Gentoo GNU/Linux, and I've been enjoying the experience, so I'll be using it on my personal computers for the time being. +It's a bonus that it's another excuse for me to learn some Lisps, and that's the real learning curve of using Guix system. +The Guix paradigm diverges from how GNU systems are set-up, and so oftentimes doing an internet search for "linux how to do x" in the context of system administration doesn't fly. +Learning how to do things the Guix Way can be daunting, but the documentation is well done for such a new project and after a while it 'makes sense' such that I can solve novel 'how can I produce x's by intuition, which is an indicator that something's being done right.