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      2 title: "Updates to The Website"
      3 date: 2022-01-16
      4 draft: false
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      7 + You might have noticed already that I've changed the domain of the website (and links in pages) to some time ago.
      8 For the time being will redirect to, maybe the next year or so, but from now on I will use as my domain for mail and my website.
     10 + I've also redone the git server from scratch (I will post about it soon) since I haven't touched it in a long time.
     11 The dotfiles repo was outdated since my migration from Gentoo to GuixSD on most of my systems (I'll also post about this soon).
     13 + There was also an issue with how my rss feed generator was formatting publish dates.
     14 If you're using newsboat and dates don't look right, clear the cache and re-download the feed.